berg74 (berg74) wrote,

My Turn to Bitch, oh and I'm shit faced

I don't know wht is wrong with me. It seems I cannot leave well enough alone. I've had my live devastated by this person and yet I keep inviteing and being at her beconing like some sort of pathetic jack ass. I've even asked her to marry me four times, the fifth she asked me to ask her one more time and I did when she finally said yes. I was estatic at the time and now I see my life corsing down a path of damnation as if I had sailed towards the the songs of the siren. I thought things would be diffrent but obviosly not. I know this reeks of obsession But i would be happy if she was hapy with someone else just if I had that made that kind of friendship with someone. I think I'm now back to being alone and looking at those with someone special with a longing to be complete. I feel I have something to share and with only myself to give. Why do I feel that I am destin to be alone. The worst part is that I turned my back on an escape even when I thought I was making a mistake. Im sorry
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